Exploring Collaboration

This month, Heritage 2020 published a series of case studies that showcase different models of collaboration between heritage organisations, higher education institutions and communities. The ‘Wrestling with Social Value’ project has been featured as a case study, with reflections on the formation, benefits, and legacy of the collaborative approach adopted.

The full case study can be viewed here. Some of the key points made are:

  • The partnership between the University of Stirling and Historic Environment Scotland provided the required mix of academic, professional, and social policy knowledge to develop a robust project that brings academic research on the social and communal values of heritage into an applied practical context.
  • Collaboration has brought wider networks and ideas into the project than implementation by a single institution.
  • As well as formally established community groups, the project has involved informal, self-identifying communities of attachment and practice, including groups not previously engaged in institutional heritage processes.
  • The legacy of the project will be in terms of both academic understanding and professional heritage management, with the research findings informing the development of a practitioner ‘toolkit’ and disseminated through publications.
  • Developing partnerships takes time and resources but results in benefits beyond the individual project outputs.

The full list of Heritage 2020 Exploring Collaboration Case Studies can be accessed here.

Cover image: Community consultation on Dun Carloway Broch [image © Donald MacKinnon, reproduced with permission]

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