New Toolkit for Heritage Practitioners

This week sees the official launch of a new toolkit for heritage practitioners looking to understand and work with the social values of the historic environment. For the first time, the toolkit provides practitioners with detailed guidance on how social values can be assessed and brought into decision making as part of heritage management and … Continue reading New Toolkit for Heritage Practitioners

Exploring Collaboration

This month, Heritage 2020 published a series of case studies that showcase different models of collaboration between heritage organisations, higher education institutions and communities. The 'Wrestling with Social Value' project has been featured as a case study, with reflections on the formation, benefits, and legacy of the collaborative approach adopted. The full case study can … Continue reading Exploring Collaboration

Project Summary

This collaborative doctoral project focuses on the challenges and opportunities surrounding the assessment of social values in heritage management and conservation. The aim is to develop and trial a suite of qualitative methods for examining social values in a variety of ‘real-world’ heritage contexts. The resulting evidence-base will be used to identify a methodological ‘toolkit’ … Continue reading Project Summary