Deep Cities

CURBATHERI – Curating Sustainable URBAn Transformations through HERItage 

The ‘Deep Cities’ project is an international collaboration exploring how historic transformation impacts on values related to the urban built environment. I was a Research Assistant on the project (June – October 2021) with the University of Stirling team, which was led by Dr Chiara Bonacchi (PI) and Prof Sian Jones (Co-I).

I used qualitative, participatory research methods to explore the values associated with two sites, one in the Canongate area of Edinburgh and one in Woolwich, London. I also contributed to overall project activities, including co-ordination meetings (partners in four countries), knowledge exchanges, presentations, reports and other outputs, such as joint publications and conference papers.

Deep Cities is funded by the Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage. For more on the project, please see: