Project Team

This research is being conducted by Elizabeth (Liz) Robson, Research Postgraduate, University of Stirling – see profile below.

The members of the wider project team/supervisory panel are:

Primary University of Stirling Supervisor: Siân Jones, Professor of Environmental History and Heritage – see profile here.

Primary Historic Environment Scotland Supervisor: Judith Anderson, Cultural Significance Advisor

University of Stirling Co-supervisor: Peter Matthews, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy – see profile here.

Historic Environment Scotland Co-supervisor: Karen Robertson, Senior Research Manager

Researcher profile: Elizabeth (Liz) Robson

Liz Robson

Liz has been interested in history and heritage issues all her life. She studied for a BA in History (University of Exeter), before going on to an MA in Environment, Development and Policy (University of Sussex). After spending 15 years working for international organisations promoting human rights and citizen participation, Liz returned to UK and was awarded an MRes in Social Anthropology in 2016 (University of Aberdeen). Themes explored in her previous research include how social values, such as identity, are reflected in environmental management processes.

Liz is also part of the Centre for Environment, Heritage and Policy at the University of Stirling, as are Professor Siân Jones and Dr Peter Matthews.

Conference Papers:

Paper: ‘Assembling’ Future Practice: Multi-Method Approaches to Social Value Assessment. Presented as part of a session titled New Ways of Making Heritage Futures: Critical and Creative Approaches to People-Centred Methods, which Liz co-convened with Siân Jones and Tracy Ireland and Tessa Bell, from the University of Canberra, at the Association of Critical Heritage Studies 5th Biennial Conference, held virtually. Dates: 26th-30th August 2020.

Paper: A Mixed Bag: Developing a Methods ‘Toolkit’ for Assessing the Social Values of Heritage. Presented as part of Session 73: Messy Methods: Heritage Studies and the Quest for Multi-methodological Approaches at the 25th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists in Bern, Switzerland. Dates: 4-7 September 2019.

Co-authored Paper, Siân Jones and Elizabeth Robson: Multiple methods and diverse objects: challenges in the creation of a social value ‘toolkit’ for heritage management and conservation. Presented as part of Session 101: Toolkits Across Borders: Assembling Methods Futures at the Association of Critical Heritage Studies IV Biennial Conference, Hangzhou, China. Dates: 1-5 September 2018.

Paper: ‘Indigenous space’ in Arctic development discourse: A case study of the Gwich’in Nation and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska USA. Presented as part of Session 18.4: Indigenous Communities and Extractive Industries in the Arctic – Processes of Domination and Co-existence at the ninth International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences, Umea, Sweden. Dates: 8-12 June 2017.