Dun Carloway, Isle of Lewis

The broch at Carloway (Carlabagh) on the Isle of Lewis is an Iron Age monument that was probably constructed about the 1st century BCE and occupied initially until about 500 CE. Brochs are a type of circular roundhouse or tower construction unique to Scotland. Dun Carloway (Dùn Chàrlabhaigh) is a well-preserved example, with the back … Continue reading Dun Carloway, Isle of Lewis

The Blackhouse, Arnol, Isle of Lewis

The Blackhouse site at Arnol, on the West coast of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, consists of the houses and immediate surrounds of two crofts. At number 42, there is a conserved thatched ‘blackhouse’, originally constructed around 1875, and the 1960s bungalow that replaced it; and at number 39, there is a … Continue reading The Blackhouse, Arnol, Isle of Lewis

Bringing social values into the prioritisation of heritage sites: a question of resilience?

It was a surprisingly sunny and slightly windy day as a group of archaeologists, heritage professionals, climate change specialists, and community members walked out to see some of the archaeological remains half-hidden in the meandering coastlines of Sanday. A place of stunning white beaches and exciting wildlife, the Orkney island of Sanday in northern Scotland … Continue reading Bringing social values into the prioritisation of heritage sites: a question of resilience?

Kinneil Estate, Bo’ness

The 200-acre Kinneil Estate encompasses buildings and archaeological remains that evidence human occupation over a period of 2000 years. These include a section of the Roman Antonine Wall, with visible remains of a fortlet, and Kinneil House, the earliest parts of which were originally a 15th Century Tower House. Both of these sites are ‘properties … Continue reading Kinneil Estate, Bo’ness

Cables Wynd House, Edinburgh

Cables Wynd House, commonly referred to as the ‘Banana Flats’, is an elongated 10-storey concrete-slab block of 212 flats with private and public access balconies. It is located within the Kirkgate area of Leith, Edinburgh. The development of Kirkgate is bounded by Tolbooth Wynd (north), Cables Wynd (west), Yardheads (south), New Kirkgate (southeast) and also includes … Continue reading Cables Wynd House, Edinburgh

Project Summary

This collaborative doctoral project focuses on the challenges and opportunities surrounding the assessment of social values in heritage management and conservation. The aim is to develop and trial a suite of qualitative methods for examining social values in a variety of ‘real-world’ heritage contexts. The resulting evidence-base will be used to identify a methodological ‘toolkit’ … Continue reading Project Summary